track you

About us

Use this website to track yourselves, your friends or anything you want. Its totally free to use.

We have worked hard as make this tracking website as accurate and reliable as possible. Objects can now be tracked to within one meter within half a second. Just use any GPS enabled device, visit our website and click 'track me now'. Your position and coordinates will then instantly be shown on the map. No additional software needed as everything is done by our website.

We only display accurate locations. If your GPS device is not receiving an accurate location, then this will not be displayed on the map.

This website only stores and publishes the latest/last received location, it does not track a history of all previous locations received.

When using this service, anyone who is visiting the website will see your location. If you are using it for personal reasons, we recommend you not entering your full name. We suggest using a call sign instead.

Any feedback would be appreciated.